The artist was born on the edge of the Sandhills of Nebraska.  First art attempts were the faces of fellow students from school photos. After graduation, the artist attended 1-1/2 years in Chicago at the American Academy of Art and worked in a design studio.  

The first scratchboard picture completed was "the crying woman". This is the third rendering of the picture.  Every time a new rendering is made, the eyes are the story.

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A R T I S T 

​Copyright 2023.  All Rights Reserved, SK Coffman, Collin County TX
A R T I S T    S T A T E M E N T 

In a world that vibrates with vivid hues and brilliant tints reflected by nature and perceived by the eyes, the artist works in a world of shadow and light to depict graphically detailed work.

The subject becomes trapped in a splinter of time and is captured on scratchboard with a technique that is uniquely the artist's own innovation.

This premise appeals to the eye with images frozen in realism.